Companies like Offerpad, Homelight, We buy Ugly Houses are just a corporate investment group.  Before you decide to sell to these investors you should look at the pros and cons. 


  1. Quick easy closing on your schedule. 
  2. You can knock off of the price instead of doing actual repairs.
  3. You can buy your next house without fear of your house not closing.


  1. You will be offered less than what you could sell for on the open market. 
  2. You will still have to pay a commision that can be more than the going rate.
  3. You will be asked to fix or come off of the price for repairs. 

GA Classic Realty offers a trade your home in program that works much like these investor groups. We pride ourselves in offering more than the competition but there is still a cost for the convenience and stress-free sale associated with an investment buyer.  

In most cases, I recommend using a Realtor and selling your home to the highest bidder and that is typically not going to be an investor buyer but an owner occupant buyer looking to live in your home. 

You may have some hoops to jump through but the extra 10-15% profit is typically worth the hassles involved with selling your home.