Probably the last thing that you want to do is a home inspection when it’s pouring down rain. However, home inspections in the rain might be a great idea for home buyers an sellers.

Foul Weather Home Inspections are Great for Everybody

Regardless of whether a house is being sold or not, a home inspection during a rain shower is a good idea. For homeowners, an inspection can unearth leaks and other problems that stay hidden, such as attic leaks and wet basements. This lets your client focus on repairs that preserve the integrity of the home.

For sellers, the same applies but for a slightly different reason. Although buyers will have an inspection, a pre-sale inspection works as a heads up before the house hits the market. That way, repairs can be made as needed to help make the house more marketable. And then, of course, buyers really need an inspection to alert them to problems that might not show up when the weather is fine.

Why Inspecting in the Rain is a Good Idea

Roof leaks and flooded basements are only part of what you might find when you inspect a home during foul weather. Standing water in the yard might signal a clogged drain, says the Orange County Register. Gutters that don’t drain and water that stands around the foundation are more clues that the house needs some attention.

Leaks around a natural gas HVAC system or water heater could indicate a leaky vent pipe seal. Other places to watch for leaks are around doors and windows, where seals might fail. And while a flooded basement is clear and convincing evidence of something that’s amiss, whether it’s a bad grade around the foundation or something else, a damp basement might only reveal itself while it’s raining.